8 Podcasts to Fuel Your Inner Girlboss


If I’m wearing headphones there’s a 90% chance I’m listening to a podcast. I listen to podcasts the way other people listen to music, and I love discovering new ones as much as listening to my old favorites. Ever since my very first job scanning documents in a secluded part of the office I knew that I would need some sort of entertainment. The world of podcasts was a lot more limited back then compared to how it is now when it can sometimes be hard to decide what to listen to. Here are my top 8 recommendations if you’re an aspiring female entrepreneur, or if like me, you just love hearing about #girlbosses.

  1. Ctrl Alt Delete: With a successful lifestyle blog, a consulting job, and book under her belt, Emma Gannon is making her mark on the podcast world with her candid interviews with creative self-made #girlbosses across the globe. She interviews women (and some men) with big ambitions and equally big achievements. She and her guests speak a lot about the power of social media and the Internet, both good and bad. Emma’s guests are usually people who are “Internet famous”, i.e. bloggers and Youtubers, and they have honest talks about the downside of fame and success in addition to their achievements.
  2. One Part Podcast: If you’re at all curious about the world of plant based eating or other holistic practices, this podcast, hosted by Jessica Murnane, is right up your alley. Even if you’re not, trust me when I say to give it a try- Jessica has a way of interviewing her guests that will have skeptics hanging on every word. She has talked to everyone from cookbook authors to Chinese medicine doctors to acupuncturists. Jessica interviews each guest with an intense curiosity and openness that I admire.
  3. Girlboss Radio: What kind of list would this be if I didn’t include Sophia Amoruso, the #girlboss herself, and her podcast? And I’m not just including this one because it’s a shoo in. I genuinely love listening to Sophia and her guests chat about their businesses and just general successes as women in the workforce. She frequently interviews women who have broken into the executive level of large brands like Vice Media, Marie Claire, Merrill Lynch, Glossier, Bumble…. The list goes on and on.
  4. Fat Mascara: If you’ve ever been jealous of beauty editor’s luxury product-lined cabinets, you’ll love this podcast. Listening to Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein is like listening to your two beauty obsessed best friends who have the best hookups in the industry. As beauty editors themselves they have insights into new product launches and access to the powerhouse women behind them. But make no mistake, there’s nothing superficial about this podcast. It’s full of sincere interviews with amazing business women and creative individuals in the beauty industry.
  5. Ladies Who Lunch: After being a fan of Ingrid Nilsen’s since her Missglamorazzi days, naturally I wanted to check out her new podcast that she hosts with fellow Youtuber Cat Valdes when it launched earlier this year. Watching Ingrid transition from producing solely beauty-focused content to beauty content with a side of humanitarian efforts has been amazing to watch. Each week the duo tackles a new topic based off of listener submitted questions, and nothing is off limits. The great part about this podcast is that it appeals to a teenage audience just as much as women of any age.
  6. Joblogues: From job interview tips to lessons for tackling the workweek, Joymarie Parker and Cortney Cleveland Young chat every week about all things business. Whether they’re sharing personal stories or talking to guests, they bring something interesting to every episode. It’s like you’re listening in on some of the best networking conversations and behind the scenes of what has made people successful.
  7. Make it Happen: I started reading Jen Carrington’s blog back when it was a beauty blog, long before she transitioned it into what it is today. Now, in addition to her blog, Jen hosts this podcast full of effective tips for bloggers who want to make it big. I love the focus that goes into the production of each of these episodes. Her guests openly share their successes and failures so that everyone can learn from them. This podcast definitely appeals to a more niche audience than the others on this list, but if you’re trying to build a blog or an online presence I highly recommend checking it out.
  8. The Lively Show: This podcast, hosted by Jess Lively, is full of thought-provoking episodes on mindfulness, self-improvement, and finding flow. If you need to add a little extra positivity to your life this is the podcast for you. According to her tagline, Jess aims to “uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to your everyday”, and she doesn’t disappoint. Her system of values based intentions is what originally drew me to the podcast. I love that all the older episodes are still just as relevant as the newer ones.

I hope you enjoy having a listen to one or a few of these podcasts, and find some inspiration! I really feel like there’s no other way I would have access to the stories of all these successful women without podcasts. It’s so uplifting to hear about everyone’s successes (and struggles) along the way.

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