Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream Review: Eczema & Ceramides


Korean beauty is making its mark on the US beauty industry at the moment with new brands being regularly introduced to the Sephora lineup, and even big retailers like Target are getting on board. I love this trend because with the influx of K-Beauty comes a slew of innovative and effective skincare products (you can thank K-Beauty for the snail cream craze by the way). The introduction of these offerings into the market seems to be challenging the beauty industry as a whole to be better. One of my favorite recent product discoveries comes from Korean skincare brand, Dr. Jart+.

According to Refinery 29, Dr. Jart+ belongs to a small but growing subset of the Korean skin-care market called derma-cosmetics. As the name would suggest, the brand was developed by a dermatologist, and no it wasn’t Dr. Jart. Dermatologist SungJae Jung, MD developed the brand with a business partner back in the early 2000s and since then the Dr. Jart+ brand has become well-known for innovative products that do what they promise.

I first heard about the cult-favorite Ceramidin Cream from blogger and YouTuber Lily Pebbles, whose advice I always follow for dry skin recommendations. I didn’t think much of it at first because admittedly the packaging isn’t the flashiest, but the more she spoke about it the more I was convinced she was on to something. When I finally tried the product for myself I was immediately impressed with the way my skin felt. Not only was my skin hydrated, but it was soft. After using the cream for a little while to make sure I wasn’t just having an amazing skin day, I felt confident that it was the Ceramidin Cream that was responsible for making my skin unbelievably soft.

Upon making a connection between my favorite body moisturizer (the Cera Ve Moisturizing Cream) and this new face cream, I had a skin breakthrough. The common ingredient in both products was ceramides. My skin love ceramides! What is a ceramide you may be wondering. I’ll spare you the research rabbit hole I ventured down and tell you that ceramides are lipid molecules that improve the skin’s moisture retention by holding cells together to form a protective barrier against natural elements. Basically, if you have dehydrated skin, you’ll definitely benefit from adding some ceramides into your routine.

My research didn’t stop there. I went into full academic mode on this discovery and found that there have been studies that prove using a ceramide-containing moisturizing cream in conjunction with a prescribed corticosteroid can actually reduce eczema healing time by 0.7 weeks (Source). I’ve been dealing with a pretty bad eczema flare up over the past few months, and I thought considering my face responded so well to the cream that I should try it on the eczema rashes on my hands. Once again it made a huge difference to the texture of my skin. Areas that were once red and flaky were still red, but smooth, soft, and flake-free. Knowing that I didn’t want to continue using my precious face cream on my hands, I ordered Dr. Jart+’s Ceramidin Body Cream. I find the body version to be just as effective for soothing my eczema patches as well as keeping the rest of my body moisturized.

I’m sure you can tell that my love for this product line runs deep. It’s more than just another moisturizer. I really believe it’s helping calm and heal my irritated and painful skin. Both the face and body cream are really thick which is perfect for dry skin, but if you have different skin types you’re in luck! Dr. Jart+ does the ceramidin line in different lighter formulas like a liquid and gel-cream.

If you’ve used any of these I’d love to hear how you got on with them. Leave me a comment or connect with me on social media!

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