My Review of (Almost) Everything Made by Glossier


Since I picked up my first Glossier order during a Black Friday sale in 2016, the brand has exploded in popularity over the past year, including expanding into Canada and the UK. It has become the beauty brand most synonymous with cult following in the Internet age. The branding and marketing efforts will no doubt be emulated as more and more digital-first brands emerge. As a marketer and content creator myself, I am fascinated by their approach to growing both their retail line and editorial platform, Into The Gloss. I could write an entire article on this, but I’ll keep it short because this review is already lengthy!

I did my first Glossier review around this time last year featuring the three products I picked up during that Black Friday order. As someone who loves minimal makeup, I was drawn to the brand because of their “Skin first. Makeup second.” approach. By now I’ve tried nearly the entire range which may sound ridiculous, but at least it makes for thorough blog content! If I had to make a sweeping statement about the whole brand, I would say I often prefer their makeup over their skincare, but you'll see there are a few exceptions to that. Also, I put a little hand clap emoji next to my favorites in case you just want the highlights.


Balm Dotcom 👏🏻

The original Balm Dotcom is one of the first products I tried, and I still love it! I’ve gone through an entire tube and have a new one on the go now. Like I mentioned in my original Glossier review, I like to use this on any cracked or chapped skin in addition to on my lips. I also sometimes like to use the Birthday Balm Dotcom on my eyes instead of eyeshadow to create the glossy eyelid look.

Milky Jelly Cleanser 👏🏻

Milky Jelly Cleanser is one of those unassuming products that doesn’t feel like anything special but just works. It doesn’t irritate my skin, and never leaves it feeling stripped or tight. I don’t find that it removes all of my makeup which doesn’t bother me since I mostly use this in the morning to wash my face.

Invisible Shield

This is one of the products I wanted to love so badly! Unfortunately, I just don’t like it as much as other sunscreens I’ve tried. My biggest concern is that my skin seemed to break out when I tried incorporating this into my routine. On a positive note, the light gel consistency is great, and I love that it’s clear. I’m always open to giving it another try to really nail down whether it was the true culprit for my breakouts.


Priming Moisturizer Rich

I have a love-hate relationship with Priming Moisturizer Rich. So many people claim this to be their favorite moisturizer, but I just don’t find it hydrating enough on its own. It definitely has a nice texture and works well layered over oils. My biggest issue though is with the scent. It’s a nice lavender smell, but I feel like it’s particularly strong for a moisturizer.  

Moisturizing Moon Mask

I definitely like the results of the Moisturizing Moon Mask, but again I’m not a big fan of the scent. While the Priming Moisturizer Rich is very lavender fragranced, the Moon Mask is somehow reminiscent of a cleaning product. The texture of the mask is really interesting though. It feels like a thin watery cream when you apply it, but as it sets it goes more jelly. Overall it does what it says and provides an extra dose of hydration to the skin so I’ve been enjoying using it.


Stretch Concealer 👏🏻

When I first got this I didn’t find myself reaching for it much, but now it’s the only concealer I use! I love the creamy texture because it never creases or looks cakey (even under the eyes). It definitely gives light coverage, which is odd for a concealer, but I find that I prefer something like the Stretch Concealer that still looks like skin even if my imperfections show through a bit. I use the shade medium.

Perfecting Skin Tint

Similar to the Stretch Concealer, the Perfecting Skin Tint is also super light coverage. I’ve tried applying this with a brush, a beauty blender, and my hands and so far my hands are my favorite way to apply it. I found that it clinged to dry patches more when I used the brush or beauty blender. I really like the light wash of color this gives me on days when I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing makeup. It also means that my actual skin can still show through. I use the shade medium in this as well.


Cloud Paint 👏🏻

I never used to bother with cream products until I tried Cloud Paint. I hated getting my hands dirty and having to wash them multiple times while applying makeup. I’m so glad I picked this up though because it’s now one of the only blushes I use. I have the shades Dusk, Beam, and Haze. If I had to choose, Dusk would be my top pick mainly because it’s the most natural shade.

Haloscope 👏🏻

This is probably one of my absolute favorite Glossier products. I use Haloscope in Quartz every single time I apply makeup without fail. It provides the perfect amount of glow without being glittery or extremely unnatural looking.

Bow Brow 👏🏻

This is another must-have product for me. I use the brown shade to fill in my eyebrows every day whether or not I use an eyebrow pencil. It just works really well to hold the brows in place and also give them a fuller look.

Generation G

Out of all the Generation G shades available, I’ve only tried Cake. I don’t wear a lot of lipstick so of course I chose the most neutral shade. The formula is sheer but buildable and comfortable to wear.


Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

I really enjoyed this body wash, but I just don’t love the orange blossom neroli scent. The idea of an oil wash for the body is exciting for someone like me who always has dry skin. It did leave my skin feeling clean and hydrated just like it says, but I probably won’t repurchase it because of the scent. You may love the scent though!

Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

I was really looking forward to Glossier’s first body moisturizer, but I just don’t find it hydrating enough for the winter months. I think it will be great in the summer, especially because of the subtle shimmer it gives and how quickly it sinks into the skin. It’s worth noting that it has the same orange blossom neroli scent as the body wash as well.


Glossier You 👏🏻

If there’s any theme throughout this review it’s that I don’t love the scent of many of the Glossier products, so when I heard they were coming out with a perfume I was really hesitant. Luckily, they provide the option to add a sample to any order. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved this fragrance the second I smelled the sample! In addition to the smell, it has the best lasting power out of any perfumes I’ve tried. The bottle is gorgeous as well and has a thumb inprint to make holding it satisfying. I definitely see it becoming a staple in my fragrance collection.

Solution 👏🏻

Solution is Glossier’s newest release and comes with a lot of major skin-perfecting claims from the brand. I’ve been using it for about three weeks now, and they say you get the best results after a full four weeks of daily use. So far I have been seriously impressed with the smoothing and clearing results I’ve seen. I have a full review on this coming next week with before and after pictures of my skin, so don’t miss that if you’re curious to know more.


I’d love to hear what Glossier products have worked for you. Let me know here or on Instagram!

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