Herbivore Lapis Oil Review


The Sunday Riley Luna Oil and its bright blue hue may have been the most coveted face oil of 2016, and possibly of all time. It carries claims of resurfacing the skin with retinoids and basically perfecting the blank canvas that is your face. But seriously, what is with the hype behind blue face oils? Meet blue tansy, or rather the azulene within the oil, the ingredient that gives these products their blue tint. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory aid that reduces redness and clarifies the complexion making it a magical ingredient for skincare companies looking to create nighttime face oils.

I can’t say I wasn’t suckered into the hype myself, but with a $105 price tag the Luna Oil felt somewhat unreasonable for my wallet. But then I spotted it! The Herbivore Lapis Oil. It was sitting on a special display shelf at Sephora when it caught my eye. It must have been a new addition to the store because when I asked an employee she had no insight on how well it worked but was similarly intrigued. With the courage of the Sephora VIB sale on my side I thought, why not, and put it into my little basket. $72 is slightly better than $105, right?

Sunday Riley vs Herbivore

Luna Sleeping Night Oil: $105/1oz | Lapis Oil Balancing Night Oil: $72/1.7oz

Other than price point, the major difference between the two face oils is that the Sunday Riley version is a retinoid oil, and the Herbivore is not. Having sensitive skin, I considered this a plus. However, if you’re a fan of that intensity, Herbivore does have a resurfacing blue tansy mask with AHA and BHA acids.

Personally, I have dry skin, but I love this oil! It’s technically formulated for combination, oily skin, but I find that it doesn’t dry my skin out as long as I’m not using it every day. In an average week I probably use it about three times. It also means that one bottle will last me much longer! Saving that $$$! After coming home from the holidays my skin felt a little off, but after one night of using this stuff I felt back in good shape. It has definitely become a part of my regular evening skincare rotation.

Also! In addition to the big skin benefits of this product, I’m a huge fan of the Herbivore brand and what they stand for. Herbivore uses 100% plant-based, organic, food grade materials to make their products, and they never test on animals. I will definitely be trying some more of their products in the future. I think the Brighten Pineapple & Gemstone Mask or the Calm Bath Salts are next up on my list!