How I Stopped Spending So Much on Beauty Products


I talked briefly in my Shop Your Stash blog post back in January that I made it my goal to spend less on beauty products this year. If you’ve ever stepped foot in Sephora you know that it can add up really quick. I buy most of my products at Sephora because it’s the most convenient for me, and like many retailers they have a tiered point-based rewards structure. Depending on how much you spend in a calendar year you’ll either be a Beauty Insider, VIB, or VIB Rouge. I honestly don’t want to admit that I’m VIB Rouge because it means I spent $1000+ (hold your judgement please), but that’s exactly why I’m doing an exercise like this. I’ve been calling it my 2018 Beauty Project, and so far it’s been a really great way to hold me accountable for my spending. I originally got the idea from YouTuber Elle S’s Reverse Rouge challenge which has a similar method.

In theory, the idea is simple. You keep track of all the beauty products you’ve bought and all the beauty products you’ve used up. The hardest part is remembering to update it, but I’ve been really on top of it so far. I also find it helpful to make notes about a product after I've used it so I can remember whether it’s something I would repurchase. It’s as easy as that!


As someone who has a pre-existing stockpile of beauty products, I’d like to net more used than spent by the end of the year. Right now I’m on track, so that’s reassuring. Here’s a photo of my current spreadsheet so you can see the method in action. I’ve also created a blank version if you want to join in and track your own purchases!


Create your own Beauty Budget Template:

  1. Open the template here
  2. Make a copy and save to your Google Drive
  3. Start filling out your purchases!

I hope this helps some of you either cut down or just be aware of how much you’re actually spending. Who knows, maybe unlike me you’ll actually be surprised by how little you spend! If you also have a blog and you like this topic let me know because I’m thinking of doing a follow up post with tips for running a beauty blog without spending tons of money on all the newest launches.

Let me know in the comments or on social media if you end up trying this out yourself or if you already do something similar!

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