Meet the New Benefit GALifornia Blush


Before being the go-to brow experts they are now, Benefit wowed everyone with their collection of boxed face powders. This spring they’re is launching a brand new shade called GALifornia. Cute right? They announced their newest blush offering on Instagram last month, met with the usual new product hype. Fans of the brand are excited to say the least.

Before I could even decide how I felt about the actual product I was blown away by the gorgeous packaging. The classic Benefit-style box features a woman donning a pair of oversized sunglasses and perfectly teased tresses who basically looks straight out of Coachella.

70s vibes and all, this warm-toned pink blush will give you the golden goddess look you’ve been dreaming about all winter long. It has a slightly coral, but predominately pink hue. And like all of Benefit’s boxed blushes, GALifornia is scented. It has a sweet grapefruit-vanilla smell that honestly doesn’t add much to the product, but is a nice touch.

When I first opened up the blush I loved the gold detailing over the sun, but as I expected it’s just an overspray. I personally enjoy using blushes with some shimmer so losing that gold tone is the only downside of this product for me. Otherwise I have definitely been enjoying using this nearly every day now!

If you can’t wait for the summer weather to start you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this blush. GALifornia will be available for purchase just in time for spring break season! It launches online March 21st and in stores April 7th.