My Everyday Minimal Makeup


I can talk for days about skincare, but I don't often share much about makeup anymore. I think after a few years of experimenting I've found what I like, and I stick to it. I really believe that a good skincare routine is crucial to how your makeup looks and how much makeup you actually need. I would prefer to wear as little makeup as possible, but have flawless skin. (Wouldn't we all?) I still haven't achieved the flawless level yet, but I'm pretty happy with how my skin looks, so most days if I wear makeup at all I wear some form of minimal, natural makeup. I have two versions to share with you today. One is a super pared down look with only five products, and the other is my more full-face routine.

5 Minute Minimal Makeup


This is the lazy "I barely want to look like I'm wearing makeup" look. With only five products it's a quick get out the door routine. I've been loving the Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment as a base lately because it evens out the skin by reducing redness, adds a little tint, and has SPF 30. It looks crazy green at first, but once you rub it in you can't see the green at all. To finish off the face I'll add some highlight with Glossier's Haloscope and a bit of bronze with the Becca Sunlit Bronzer. The real MVP of this routine is Glossier Boy Brow. If I had to choose only one of these products in a pinch it would be this one. It takes 10 seconds to throw on, but makes a big difference in filling in your brows and framing the face. Finally, I finish off the look with some mascara. I fell in love with the Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara after I got a sample of it in my February Birchbox. I always go for a natural mascara on days like this, so something that's lengthening and separating without creating too much volume and the Ubame Mascara does exactly that.


10 Minute Minimal Makeup


For a slightly more put together look, I have a few more products I like to add on to my routine. You'll notice I'm still not using a proper foundation. I prefer the lighter coverage that things like the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue or Glossier Skin Tint provide. If I still have some areas to spot cover I'll go in with the Glossier Stretch Concealer on top. Like in my quick routine, I use Glossier Haloscope and a bronzer, but for this look I also add in a blush like the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk. I chose a different bronzer because I like that I can use the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer as both a bronzer and a subtle eyeshadow since it's matte. Who doesn't love a good two-in-one product? As much as I love the Ubame mascara, when I want my lashes to look a little extra special, I really like the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It provides the same lengthening effect as my natural mascaras, but with some added (non-clumpy) volume. My two-step brow routine is probably the most effort that ever goes into my makeup. I like to use a brow pencil like the Tanya Burr Selfie Sculpt to fill in any gaps and then (surprise, surprise) use Glossier Boy Brow on top. And that's my makeup done!

I hope you enjoyed seeing two versions of my everyday makeup. I feel like I'm getting back to my roots with these looks because in high school I never actually wore any makeup. It wasn't until college that I decided to start playing around with makeup, but in the last year or so I've been really embracing the minimal glowy makeup look.