My Favorite Tex-Mex White Queso Recipe


I know I don’t share food posts here often, but in honor of my birthday and Cinco de Mayo I wanted to share one of my favorite foods… QUSEO! 🧀

If you’re like nah, I’m only here for the skincare then I’ve got something for you too. I put up a full in-depth review of the Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser earlier this week. Enjoy!

Now if you’re my kind of people, let’s get back to the cheese. Growing up I took queso for granted. I thought everyone had the delicious white liquidy cheese served at every Mexican restaurant back home in Georgia, but then I moved to California and realized I was totally wrong. I was baffled that in a state known for its amazing and authentic Mexican food they didn’t have my favorite appetizer. Turns out, it's not authentic. 

I did a little research because I wanted to get to the bottom of why I grew up eating queso in Georgia. Legend has it that queso as we know it originated in Arkansas of all places. Some people say it was Texas, but there’s no way to definitely know. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, in 2009 Nick Rogers released a 20-minute documentary called In Queso Fever: A Movie About Cheese Dip that chronicles queso’s rise to fame. So it's kind of a big deal.

People who know me in real life can attest that queso was one of the things I missed the most from home. After giving up my search for restaurant queso I decided to make my own, and that's where this recipe comes in. A few years ago The Kitchy Kitchen and Large Marge collaborated to share their recipe for queso, and I've been using it ever since! They also made a video that I sometimes put on while I cook it. I still prefer to get queso out when I can (mostly because I don't like seeing all the unhealthy ingredients that go into it), but this satisfies my cravings while I'm in California. Soon though I'll be in Austin, and I can have all the queso I want!