My Weekend In Austin + Moving Announcement


I spent the past weekend in Austin, TX checking out the neighborhoods, and doing something really exciting— looking at houses! I’m officially moving to Austin this summer, so I hope you’re ready for some fresh content around the move and decorating the new house. I definitely am!

While I was there, I took my DSLR camera around with me. I rarely take it traveling because it’s such a hassle to carry, but it was so worth it for the pictures I got. I wanted to share some of what I did while I was there in a blog post, so here it is!

Spending the Day in SoCo


I got in early on Friday, so I needed to kill the day and what better way than exploring South Congress? After doing some research, I found out that SoCo is famously the area known for the city’s “Keep Austin Weird” slogan. The street is lined with boutique shops and tons of eateries. SXSW was wrapping up when I got there so it was extremely busy considering it was midday on a Friday. After doing some exploring I popped into SoCo Cafe to try their famous migas. One of my favorite things about Austin is the food, and these migas were no exception! 

I love the mix of small eclectic shops like Maya Star and South Congress Books with upscale stores like ByGeorge. I’m never one to say no to ogling over bougie candles and fragrances I can’t afford. Of course I had to make my way over to Jo’s Coffee and the famous “I Love You So Much” wall before I left. I had a great iced latte there last time I was in Austin, but this time I didn’t need any more caffeine so I went for the Laura Palmer. It was hibiscus tea mixed with lemonade, and it was SO good! I think I need to start making that at home this summer.


Tacos All Day Long


It seems that in Austin tacos are an acceptable meal at any time of the day, and I’m more than ok with that. We went for “brunch” at Paco’s Tacos, but it was basically lunch since it was after noon and we ate non-breakfast tacos and queso. I've been here twice now, and I love it every time. It does get crowded, but the laid-back unassuming atmosphere plus the amazing food is definitely worth a visit. After I've been living in Austin for a bit I think I'm going to have to write a taco guide!

P. Terry's or In-N-Out?

It's a battle of the fast food burgers! Austin is one of the few places outside California that has In-N-Out, but they also have local Austin joint P. Terry's to contend with. I'll admit that when I am in the mood for a fast food burger I'm a big In-N-Out fan, and I can't say P. Terry's has changed my mind... yet. That's not to say P. Terry's was bad by any means, but In-N-Out still has my heart. 

But First, Coffee


I still had to get some work done on my five day trip, so naturally coffee shops were the perfect place. Although I didn't work at Mozart's Coffee, I would have if I wasn't with friends at the time. We went on Sunday after a round of Pitch & Putt to grab iced lattes and ice cream. I've never seen a coffee shop with seating overlooking a lake before, but wow it was a nice view of Lake Austin. I can definitely see myself heading there to work in the future. I also checked out Word of Mouth BakeryApanas Coffee, and Epoch Coffee, which were all great. The breakfast sandwich at Word of Mouth Bakery deserves a shout out too!


Archer Hotel Austin


On the last night of our trip we got to stay at the Archer Hotel, which is a boutique hotel located in Austin's biggest shopping area The Domain. I was honestly blown away by the hotel! The decor is described as "Texas chic", and that's exactly what it was. I never thought cow print could be chic, but here we are. I'm sure my jaw dropped when I saw the giant tub when I walked in. I definitely went out and bought myself some bath soak, and had the best bath of my life that night! They also had complimentary Malin + Goetz products, which was a nice touch any beauty lover like me would appreciate. The Texas waffle was a fun surprise! They don't advertise it on the menu as being shaped like Texas, but after I saw it on the Archer Instagram tag I had to order it.


Shopping at The Domain

Last time I visited The Domain was about two years ago, and it's totally different now! This is definitely a growing area full of shopping, restaurants, and bars. It basically has everything I could ask for, including SoulCycle and CorePower Yoga so I can do all my basic b*tch shopping and fitness classes in one place. I can definitely see myself spending quite a bit of time here when we move. Also, I love how colorful the area is! It's just a fun place to be whether you're dropping a bunch of cash or not.


That's a wrap!

I hope this gives you some ideas of what to check out next time you visit Austin. If you have any more recommendations or moving tips I'm all ears!