Simple DIY Wooden Bath Caddy

what you need to make a diy wooden bath caddy

I love taking baths as part of my self care routine, and there are a few essentials that every bath lover needs, one being a bath caddy. I actually have a store-bought bath caddy, but it didn't fit in the bathtub of my new apartment. I opted to go without one for awhile (it's been almost a year since we moved into our current place!), but I decided recently that it was time to get a new one. Instead of researching the measurements and buying a new one, I just decided to make it! 

There are so many ways you can go all out making your own bath caddy, but today I wanted to share a super simple DIY that you can get done in less than an hour. Check out my post, Everything You Need for the Perfect Bath to see this DIY project in action!

Things You'll Need

measuring tape / wood board / wood grain sandpaper / waterproofing wood protector spray / (optional: wood stain)


  1. Start by measuring your bathtub at it's widest part. Mine was about 26" so I had my wood cut to 25" just to make sure it fits in place easily. I recommend measuring before you head to the hardware store because usually they can cut it for you for free. That way you don't need to own any tools. I certainly don't have a saw in my one bedroom apartment.
  2. Next, give your piece of wood a good sanding. You don't want to be getting splinters during your relaxing bath! I would also be sure to pay attention to sanding down the corners because they can be pretty sharp.
  3. After you're satisfied with your sanding, be sure to brush off the wood dust to get it as clean as possible for the waterproofing spray to adhere.
  4. Finish it off with a good coating of waterproofing seal, and you're done! Once it completely dries you've got yourself a brand new bath caddy. It's that simple!

So easy you can do it in a dress!  

The final cost was $17.28 

It would definitely be cheaper if you already had sandpaper laying around. The breakdown was $4.62 for the wood, $4.27 for the sandpaper, and $6.90 for the waterproofing spray.