The Denim Forever Tour with Madewell

If you’re as big of a Madewell-lover as I am, you’ve probably noticed a sign for their denim recycling program at the checkout. $20 off a new pair of jeans? I’m all over that.

If you don’t know, Madewell runs a few ongoing projects as part of their Do Well campaign, one of the biggest being their denim recycling program to provide housing insulation to communities in need. This season they’re taking that initiative on the road with the Denim Forever Tour! The tour brings pop-up jean recycling stations, snacks, swag, and fun convos with Madewell employees to cities across the US. There’s even a chance to win free jeans, so get out there and recycle those jeans!


The event near me was hosted at one of my favorite local coffee shops, Blue Bottle Coffee in Palo Alto. The coffee shop/coworking space used to be a theater so the architecture is amazing and definitely makes the place unique.

PSA: The jeans don’t need to be from Madewell! I even recycled a pair of jeans with a ripped crotch area (RIP my Topshop Hayden jeans). It doesn’t matter because they’re going to be turned into insulation anyway! Basically, I made $20 off of my busted jeans that were just going to end up in the garbage AND they’re being used for good. Win, win.

There are just a few cities left, but I wanted to share this event because it’s a great cause and a great deal making it a perfect combo.


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