Top Five Fall Fashion Essentials

I love reading about other people’s capsule wardrobe projects, but that level of restriction is just not for me. I do however, love the idea of shopping more thoughtfully. Rather than filling my wardrobe with new items that never make it into the regular rotation, I'd like to be more selective with my purchases. I took The Anna Edit’s advice and did a browse around my favorite fashion blogger’s Instagram feeds and created a collection of all my favorite outfits. From there I picked out some throughlines that I want to incorporate into my own style. Unsurprisingly, a lot of denim and light colors showed up.



Red seems to be the hottest color for fall 2017, and not the deep crimson we’ve all come to associate with fall. Blazing red is taking over runways and fast fashion alike. Whether you wear full on red or just use it as an accent color, your outfit will be on-trend. I used to have a bright red sweater from a thrift store back in college that would have totally come in handy this season!


I am loving the “interesting” denim trend. I’ve been slowly stepping out of my skinny jean comfort zone, at first with a pair of boyfriend jeans and then a straight leg pair, but now I’m feeling daring enough to try a flare. I especially like the crop flare with a raw hem at the moment, so I picked out a pair from (surprise, surprise) Madewell. Madewell is my favorite place to buy denim, and the best part is that the pair I got fits my 5’3” legs perfectly!


If it’s oversized, I’m into it. Over the years I’ve realized that I don’t care how trendy it is, if it’s not comfortable, I won’t wear it. Comfort is key! I love the combination of a slightly oversized sweater with a cropped hem. The crop makes the oversized fit feel a little more tailored while still being casual and slouchy. This fall I’m particularly into the boxy shaped knitwear.


Even though it’s a classic, I’ve been less into black recently. I’ve found myself more drawn to warm-toned neutral colors, especially camel. Ever since the Nordstrom sale earlier this year, I’ve been eying a pair of camel-colored mules, and they seem to be everywhere now! From bags to shoes, you can’t go wrong with this shade.


I am so not a heel girl. Even my heeled boots sometimes hurt my feet just a little too much to be worth it, but there’s something about this chunky low heel style that catches my eye. Maybe it’s how good they look with jeans, but whatever it is I’m loving it. They’re almost like an elevated ballet flat that you can dress up or down.

Do you have any fall styling predictions for what's to come this season?

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