Hi! 👋🏻

I'm Lori Vaughn, a writer and creative professional living in Austin, TX. As a student, I always preferred essays and projects to exams. I loved making out-of-the-box connections and drawing conclusions with my carefully written words. I created countless collages out of magazines and dreamed of moving to California to become a magazine editor (never NYC ironically).

Then I went to an engineering school. Georgia Tech to be exact. Despite this untraditional choice, I did graduate with a degree in one of the few liberal arts majors the school has to offer—Literature, Media, and Communication, with a minor in marketing for good measure. (But I did move to California after I graduated, so part of the dream came true!)

I began my career in Silicon Valley, a continuation of the tech bubble I had grown so accustom to in school. After trying out graphic design and social media marketing, I found my true passion in content marketing. It's the perfect use of both the creative and analytical sides of my brain.

A few years into my career and life in Cali, I visited a (not-so) little place called Austin, and immediately fell in love. I ended up moving to Austin in the summer of 2018, and couldn't be happier! Tacos are acceptable for any meal, there's a thriving art scene, and the people are incredibly friendly (and down to earth.)