I have 3+ years of digital marketing experience, ranging from social media marketing to SEO copywriting and content creation. Through my multi-disciplinary experience, I have gained an understanding of the complete content lifecycle from initial concept to promotion.


I write SEO-optimized content to help brands generate traffic, new customer leads, and conversions.

80 Heartfelt Happy Anniversary Messages ranked #2 in the SERP for “happy anniversary messages” (2.3k SV) after just 3 months of being live.


I work with designers to ideate and create shareable post images, infographics, and other visuals that provide value to the reader.


I consistently land clients media coverage on relevant, high domain authority sites such as NBC News, CNBC, & more.

Lori is a great communicator. She is always coming to my desk to talk through a project and makes sure to get kinks and confusions sorted out.

Other Highlights

  • Wrote articles for Facebook promotions that resulted in a 100% increase in QtD click through rate and a 33% decrease in QtD cost per click

  • Experienced in managing freelancers on revolving deadlines with consistently positive feedback.

    • "Lori was very friendly, easy to work with, and clearly communicated. Would recommend!"

    • "Easy to work with! Provided clear, concise instructions and was very helpful!"

    • "Lori was wonderful to work with on this not work heavy, but relatively time consuming project. Her instructions were super clear and made parts that could have been rough into smooth sailing.”